3HC-Home Health and Hospice Care Rehab Quality Care Coordinator in Any, North Carolina

Job Responsibilities:

Location: Needs to be in our East 3HC Office Area. (Goldsboro, Greenville, Kinston)

Rehab Quality Care Coordinator-Full-time position

  1. Abides by and supports 3HC’s Compliance Program and Code of Ethics. 3HC’s Compliance motto is “Compliance for all and all for Compliance”. It is the intent of 3HC to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and that spirit is embedded in all aspects of our services and business practices. Our success hinges on doing things ethically and legally, to which, each and every employee plays a critical role. Ensures that area(s) of responsibility operates within the guidelines of 3HC’s Compliance Plan and responds accurately and timely to standards and elements of 3HC’s Compliance Work Plan.
  2. Creates positive experience for internal and external customers that will meet their expectations. (External customers include our patients, families, referral sources, vendors, the community, etc. Internal customers are the people within the agency with whom you work.)
  3. Guides the agency on evolving required best practice. Correlates oversight and study of best practice methodology to mitigate risks by review of office specific Potentially adverse Events, emergent care, and re-hospitalization rates through usage of SHP and CASPER reports. Analyzes QIRT reports to identify staff who need further OASIS education.
  4. Serves as an educator and resource for OASIS and improving patient outcomes: (a) monitors OASIS data for trends, (b) prepares and distributes outcome and benchmarking reports to clinical and agency managers, (c) compiles and prepares reports for quarterly reporting at CPI and Outcome meetings, and as needed by management, (d) completion of medical record reviews to collect data for OBQI and Potentially Avoidable Event reports, and (e) makes recommendations for corrective actions and opportunities for improvement. Guides the QAPI Analyst in review of outcomes and agency metrics to educate clinicians on best clinical practice and processes to maximize visit effectiveness.
  5. Responsible for conducting OASIS and Outcomes education: (a) Conducts OASIS Orientation for all new clinical hires, (b) prepares and conducts refresher in-services to all professional staff, including rehab and nursing, (c) assures staff are educated on quarterly OASIS Q & A’s published by CMS, (d) promotes improvement in patient outcomes by assisting and guiding the QAPI Analyst on needed staff education on clinical interventions, disease management and OASIS accuracy.
  6. Provides oversight and guidance to regional ITC meetings. Serves as a resource and support to the QAPI Analyst to analyze agency metrics and organize office specific case studies to present to clinical staff as an educational tool. Provides guidance on best practice interventions in reference to case studies.
  7. Keeps up to date on rules and regulations from CMS, PGBA, CHAP, Medicaid, etc relative to performance improvement.
  8. Demonstrates and interest in personal and professional growth: (a) attends and participates in workshops, seminars, mandatory in-services, webcasts, etc. to keep abreast of current changes in rules, regulations, relating to job functions; and (b) does individual reading and research.
  9. Demonstrates a willingness to be cost effective in the use of agency resources, the monitoring of waste, and the proper and safe use of supplies and equipment.
  10. Adheres to 3HC’s Personnel Policy and performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Additional Responsibilities: 1. Serves as a visionary for rehab identifying and recommending innovative processes/management including (a) Conducts routine review of new therapy contracts, completes clinical record review, and ADR review of therapy services as requested; (b) Writes, revises, and ensures that appropriate staff are educated on policies and procedures pertinent to rehab, and completes annual review/updates as required; (c) assist with development and implementation of evidenced base practice patterns that meet the changing healthcare environment to accomplish agency goals for therapy. 2. Works with Regional Directors of Clinical Practice to monitor and affect the quality of rehab care and patient satisfaction. Provides input to processes to positively affect the impact of outcomes and patient satisfaction from a rehab standpoint. Functions as a liaison when needed to coordinate and improve rehab care and delivery of service. 3. Ensures agency can bill for rehab services appropriately: (a) keeps up to date on reimbursement criteria and documentation requirements (b) Reviews and monitors therapy cases with high visit utilization closely, and provides feedback to Clinical Offices on medical necessity and continued need for therapy.

Job Qualifications:

  • Must be a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist currently licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina with a minimum of 5 years home health experience.

  • Must have a current OASIS Certification.

  • Previous knowledge and experience in Quality Management preferred.

  • Previous teaching experience preferred.

  • Assessment skills proven by previous experience of completion of OASIS assessment in the home setting preferred.

Job Code: 2017:1652

Location: Any

Department: Education

FT/PT Status: Full Time