Convergent Solutions, Inc. Technical Support Specialist in Biloxi, Mississippi

Job Descriptions:

Technical Support Specialist

The Technical Support Specialist will provide superior level I support for clients regarding in-house computer equipment, software, desktops, printers and peripherals. He/she is responsible for entering all new issues into the support database, detailing the customer’s problems or requests, assigning those that cannot be resolved immediately to the proper level II team and follow-up to insure prompt closure.


  • Use trouble ticket software to document and maintain all client trouble calls. Supports functional users in troubleshooting computer related problems and resetting the network access accounts whenever required.

  • Monitors and responds to hardware and software problems utilizing hardware and software testing tools and techniques, provides customer assistance support in setting up microcomputers and/or installing software packages, advises clients of where and how to acquire appropriate technical assistance.

  • Works with members of the desktop, network, systems and other teams within the Med Center on projects and initiatives as needed

  • Oversees the scheduling of Medical Center conference rooms

  • Maintains and protects confidentiality with regard to all aspects of patient care and employee information

  • Promptly and accurately reports all maintenance calls. Notifies vendors of software and hardware problems. Works with vendors to correct system faults.

  • Acts as Medical Center point of contact for resetting government issued CAC cards.

  • Continually monitors environmental systems including water detection systems, air conditioning output and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to detect and correct malfunctions and other operating difficulties caused by electrical or mechanical failures or functional area users. Isolates causes of machine stops or malfunctions and initiates corrective action to fix and prevent future problems. On-call duties are required.

  • Ensures all operation problems are entered into operations log before going off duty. Downtime on all systems will be entered into the appropriate log as it occurs

  • Executes tape backups on all assigned systems at specified times to prevent potential data loss from malfunctions and preserve data integrity.

  • Maintains the systems tape library, prepares new tapes for the library, locates tapes in off-site storage and/or main tape library. Ensures all tapes are labeled properly, verified every time a tape is used and that tapes are rotated monthly.

  • Monitors access to designated Controlled Areas. When working on day shift, provides system security briefings on systems to all functional area users. Assigns and updates security passwords to medical center personnel to provide various levels of system access. Deletes passwords for out-processing personnel. Updates computer room access lists and fill out security forms. Escorts visitors, in-house personnel, maintenance personnel, and cleaning personnel while they are in the computer room.

  • Become familiar with and adhere to Air Force, Keesler Technical Training Center, and Medical Center regulations concerning Computer Operations.

  • Conducts all In/Out processing of hospital personnel for the Medical Information Systems Element.

  • Monitors and reports on performance of Tech Support to senior management.

  • Implement IT policies, procedures, and system controls

  • Performs Start Up, Power Off, Shut downs and Power Failure Recovery procedures when required.

Required Experience:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Able to provide Level I support for all data center and desktop environments in a 24/7/365 environment.

  • Polite, patient, and customer focused assistance is a must

  • Effective verbal, presentation and listening communications skills

  • Effective written communications skills

  • Able to maintain current and accurate inventory of technology hardware, software and resources

  • Be familiar with all hardware and software

  • Must be flexible to work overtime and weekends to provide emergency coverage if required.

  • Be familiar with network operating systems

  • Working knowledge of Remedy Service Management, Microsoft Office, Visio and other tools.

  • Capable of qualifying for standard DOD security clearance

  • Current Security

    • Comp-Tia A+ and/or N+ certification

Keyword: Hardware, Software, Remedy Service Management, Microsoft Office, Visio, Security +

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