Envision Healthcare Emergency Medical Technician On Guard in Boulder, Colorado

Req ID: 99611 Entity: AMR External applicants must log on to www.amr.net, click "Careers",then "Search Jobs" to locate the position and apply. Internal candidatesmust apply via Success Factors on the company internal portal POSITION SUMMARY: The mission and purpose of this positionis to compassionately deliver high quality patient care in a professionalmanner. This position is to respond to requests for medical treatment andoffer security services for the community. Patrol facility or man post asinstructed and serve as a general security presence and visible deterrent tocrime and client rule infractions. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: * Maintains thorough familiarity with treatment protocols, responserequirements and quality assurance procedures in system in which assigned. * Maintains awareness of any and all changes in the system componentsand company policy. * Maintains the level and type of certification(s) consistent withperforming tasks in the system to which assigned. * Complies with all state and company requirements for operation ofmotor vehicle. * Operates a company vehicle in accordance with company policy and safepractices. * Develops ability to quickly and safely locate addresses throughknowledge of number systems and street layouts. * Ensures that unit remains in a state of readiness in terms ofmechanical reliability, medical supply and equipment, cleanliness andappearance standards. * Reports immediately to the Lead Paramedic any discrepancies in vehicleor equipment standards that could compromise the unit s ability to complete acall. * Completes all appropriate documentation as outlined in company policy. * Reports all problems and unusual occurrences immediately to the LeadParamedic or Supervisor. * Maintains a professional appearance by adhering to hygiene anduniforms standards. * Attends all mandatory in-services. * Maintains a cooperative working relationship with allied health andpublic safety personnel. * Maintains complete and accurate documentation of patient assessmentand treatment * Maintains complete and accurate documentation of patient statisticaland billing information and services rendered * Adheres to medical treatment protocol * Uses / operates appropriate communications equipment, medicalequipment, cleaning equipment, office equipment and tools. * Appropriately uses medical equipment such as gurney, airwayequipment/airway bag, IV, splints, bandages, and medications inrendering proper emergency medical treatment to patients. * Reads road maps, drives vehicles, and accurately discerns streetsigns and address numbers. * Reads medication/prescription labels and directions for usage inquick, accurate, and expedient manner. * Communicates verbally with patients and significant others in variousenvironments to interview patient, family members, and bystanders, * Ability to discern deviations/changes in eye/skin coloration dueto patient's condition and to the treatment given. * Converses with dispatcher and EMS providers via phone or radio as tostatus of patient. * Adhere to all company policies and procedures. * Adhere to and compliance with information systems security andpolicies. * Adherence to and compliance with information systems security policiesand procedures. * Guard, Patrol, or monitor premises to prevent safety hazards,theft, violence, or infractions of rules. * Circulates among visitors, patrons, and employees to preserveorder and protect property. * Patrols premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensuresecurity of doors, windows, and gates. * Responds to Emergency Situations and investigate disturbances. * Provides customer service in accordance with company establishedstandards and expectations. * Makes immediate reports to designated company and client personnel..