DCL, Inc. / Bay Shore Steel Works Production/Operations Manager in Charlevoix, Michigan

tabletbodytrtd style="width: 665px;"Plans, directs, and coordinates all aspects of plantroduction activities at fab shop. Assures that production objectives are achieved at the lowest cost consistent with quality requirements. Delegate's authorith to key personnel for purchasing, production scheduling and control, costing, maintenance and other related operations. Duties are performent personally or through managers and or subordinate personnel./td/tr/tbody/tableSPECIFIC DUTIES Coordinates the execution of manufacturing schedules based on sales requirements and plant capacityulliParticipates in preparation of annual forecasts with the sales department/liliParticipates in long-range plant expansion, conversion, and equipment planning/liliOversees the maintenance of buildings and equipment, and plant security and protection/liliReviews and approves recommendations of subordinates in matters of personnel or rate changes/liliDirectly supervises area leaders/liliPrepares operational schedules for future production in accordance with company backlog/liliDevelops and recommends short and long range objectives consistent with Company Mission/liliDevelops and implements operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and improve product quality and on-time shipments/liliDevelops and maintains planned time and material costs for standard equipment lines/liliEnsures that operations conform with local, state, and federal regulations for safety and material data information/liliMaintains communication within and between functional areas to ensure customer satisfaction/liliManages quality, cost of production, warehousing, receiving and shipping of raw materials through subordinate personnel/liliConfers with subordinates and other plant personnel on the application of methods and production standards, incentive rates and standards. Reviews all recommendations for special machinery, and works closely with product and process research and development program changes./liliDetermines plant policies consistent with company polices and directs and supervises the application of such policies to the plant’s manufacturing operations/liliAdministers safety programs and ensures conformance to applicable Federal and State standards/liliRepresents the Company in the community and promotes goodwill and interests in community activities./li/ul