Allegion Operational Excellence Change Agent in Cincinnati, Ohio

Operational Excellence Change Agent

Supporting the Value Stream staff, under the direction of the Value Stream Coach, this position is responsible for supporting the Lean transformation and daily management initiatives by ensuring strategies are implemented and principles/practices/tools are incorporated in the culture and processes under transformation. This position implements and supports actions that bring about improvements which may include, but are not limited to safety, customer value proposition, quality, delivery, cycle, growth, margin expansion, and inventory.

To support the Value Stream Coach and Value Stream in implementing lean transformation and daily management across the value stream including:

  • Implementing tactical strategies to achieve the desired vision

  • Executing against long and short-term objectives to support the value stream’s goals

  • Working with necessary value stream personnel to identify, address, and eliminate process related obstacles

  • Assisting in the change of systems/processes as required in support of the Lean initiatives

  • Utilize value stream mapping techniques to design optimal information, functional process, material, and production flow methods

To act as a change agent to bring about improvements in the manufacturing process through the active support, participation and leadership of Rapid Improvement Events; includes:

  • Owning pre and post standard work

  • Participating in, co-facilitating or facilitating projects, events and “just do-it’s”

  • Participating in gemba walks and coaching employees on continuous improvement, standard work development/modification/adherence, flow, takt time attainment, and problem solving gaps in performance

  • Providing necessary training specific to Lean Transformation tools and methodology (under the guidance of the Value Stream Coach

  • Helping update and maintain visual performance tools, including mission control and MDI boards

  • Following up on action plans

  • Assisting all teams as needed to ensure improvements are made and sustained

Executing key activities as part of Lean Transformation and daily management including tasks such as

  • Conducting value stream analysis/mapping

  • Conducting cycle time analyses, time studies, work balance improvements, work place analysis and improvement

  • Creating and implementing standard work, and teaching/coaching leaders to do the same

  • Obtaining required fixtures, tools, work aids, poke yokes to support work place changes

  • Implementing / coaching the use of cell control boards and other visual management tools

  • Teaching, coaching and assisting in problem solving

  • Resolving issues after Rapid Improvement events to achieve desired state

To support the launch of all activities needed to incorporate Lean Transformation and daily management into the Value Stream culture; includes:

  • Assisting in identifying on-going training needs

  • Supporting communication of the direction of Lean Transformation and daily management initiatives to employees

  • Utilizing the Allegion change management model, drive the lean culture transformation for the Value Stream

  • Ensure high levels of engagement for RIEs and Value Stream

  • Drive Enterprise Excellence culture change through coaching of employees and leaders to drive lean behaviors, and follow the principles and practices of Enterprise Excellence

Track all changes/improvements made to provide Value Stream Leadership/Management the assurance that changes are effective and lasting, includes:

  • Examining and evaluating the areas after improvements are implemented

  • Posting/updating results to the Mission Control Center boards

  • Reviewing new procedures/controls and appraising the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and working with the Value Stream Coach, Functional Leader, Site Leader, Department Managers and Supervisors to resolve any issues that might arise during implementation and/or maintenance phases

  • Monitor and report on key metrics


  • Associates or Bachelor of Science degree or related discipline desired (Equivalent education / training / or experience will be considered in lieu of a formal degree)

  • Experience working in a world-class Lean working environment highly preferred

  • Knowledge of basic Lean concepts and continuous improvement based tools and techniques highly preferred

  • Certification from a recognized provider of Lean Transformation training, desired

Other duties as identified by the Value Stream Coach to further the value stream’s Enterprise Excellence initiatives.

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