Vantiv Sr Leader (VP) Billing Operations in Cincinnati, Ohio


Provides leadership for the billing operations teams consisting of technology, finance, operational resources; responsible for providing employees timely, candid and constructive performance feedback; developing employees to their fullest potential and provide challenging opportunities that enhance employee career growth; developing the appropriate talent pool to ensure adequate bench strength and succession planning; recognizing and rewarding employees for accomplishments; recruits and selects "A" players for all key roles.


  • Provides and executes strategic/operational/tactical direction for billing delivery and logistics. Leads development of processes, guidelines and procedures to implement billing strategies.

  • Manages all operational activities of the delivery and logistics team.

  • Align revenue opportunities with business partners and clients on various aspects of revenue, billing/pricing models, product offerings and introductions and residuals.

  • Capable of understanding and integrating billing solutions that positively improve customer experience.

  • Plays a key role as the functional architect for projects. Responsible for detailed functional architecture and design for unusual or highly complex projects.

  • Oversees design and development of major enhancements to existing systems.

  • Achieves complex project goals by effectively applying necessary expertise/resources.

  • Communicates the strategic process, operations and technology to appropriate stakeholders, including senior management, peers, partners, and supporting teams.

  • Leads feasibility analysis on potential future projects.

  • Oversees the documentation and analysis of complex, new and existing business processes.

  • Formulates strategies on all revenue generation, Billing systems, and residual systems ensuring integration with partner systems.

  • Leads the execution and/or oversees assigned departmental business processes, and participates in developing new processes.

  • Oversees the execution of existing business processes; collects, analyzes and reports predetermined performance and quality metrics (e.g. Dashboards); develops metrics for new or existing processes; and makes recommendations for improvements.

  • Identifies, develops, makes recommendations for improvements, then implements based on business need and industry best practices.

  • Oversees the development of project plans, work assignments, target dates and other aspects of assigned projects and communicates this information to senior management and the business units.

  • Oversees use of project management tools to provide succinct and timely executive status, forecasting information to the larger team

  • Asks the tough questions; challenges others' thinking and pushes back to get to core business and/or true performance gap issues.

  • Communicates crisply and candidly; balances talking and listening to foster candid dialogue; crisply gets his/her point across; commands attention across multiple audiences.


  • Education and Experience: BA/BS, Master's Degree preferred.

  • 15+ years of experience in customer experience centric and service delivery industry that may include financial services, transaction processing services, retail, transportation, telecom, technology and/or consulting.

  • 12 + years successfully managing teams, preferably in multiple locations.

  • 8+ years team leadership experience, and project management experience.

  • Keeps up-to-date and knowledgeable about available technology and tools.

  • Proficient in various business process modeling techniques including: process flow diagrams, event modeling, state modeling, process decomposition, and use case modeling.

  • Strong skills in process-related software tool administration.

  • Knowledge of business process and analysis and improvement concepts and tools, and all the logical applications.

  • Is up-to-date/knowledgeable about available technology and tools.

  • Is able to use project management tools to manage multiple projects. Maintains currency project management tools.

  • Builds credibility as a trusted advisor through a balance of business acumen, learning expertise, objectivity and client relationship skills.

  • Identifies and addresses the concerns of others to overcome resistance, gain support and achieve results.

  • Demonstrates applied knowledge of all aspects of HR processes, operations, and technologies.

  • Evaluates the effectiveness work processes, and takes action to implement improvements.

  • Ability to balance project team's focus based on the strategic business objectives of all project stakeholders.

  • Is able to mobilize the team to focus on the stakeholders' best interests.

  • Defines and shares best practices