City of Lacey Journey Level Water/Wastewater Maintenance Technician in Lacey, Washington

This position will perform Journey Level maintenance, repair, and equipment operation for the City's Public Works Operations Water/Wastewater Division. Employees may perform work in other sections of the division, as assigned.

The Wastewater Utility consists of a collection system of sewer pipelines, sewage pump stations, STEP systems, community on-site septic systems, grinder pumping systems, and corrosion/odor control systems. These facilities serve to collect, initiate treatment, and transport wastewater to the regional LOTT Treatment Facilities. Lacey's Wastewater Utility is responsible for operation and maintenance of approximately 220 miles of wastewater lines, 51 lift stations, nearly 4,000 residential and community STEP systems, 10 corrosion/odor control systems, and 51 standby power generators.

The Water Utility provides high quality drinking water in sufficient quantity and pressure to support the citizens of Lacey and residents of the entire water service area. Virtually all of Lacey's water comes from groundwater wells owned and operated by the Utility. The Operation division is responsible for operating the system, repairs and preventive maintenance.

The information contained in this announcement is subject to change without notice.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The following statements reflect the general duties and responsibilities of this position and should not be considered an all-inclusive listing. The incumbent is also expected to meet the City's technical performance standards developed for this position and standards for interpersonal and team behaviors, customer contacts, and supervision. Incumbents may also perform other duties as assigned, including work in other functional areas to cover absences or to meet current workload needs.


  • Inspects pump stations, removes pumps, troubleshoots system malfunctions and/or breaks, and performs major pump and mechanical repairs as needed.
  • Cleans mains and makes repairs involving the use of hydraulic cleaning equipment and TV equipment.
  • Raises manholes to grade.
  • Locates wastewater lines.
  • Maintains step systems throughout the City.
  • Operates mobile equipment such as backhoe, crane, dump trucks, loaders, and other machinery including jackhammers, standby generator, cut-off saws, and other powered/non-powered equipment.
  • Performs minor electrical diagnostic tests.
  • Performs overall building and facility maintenance to include pressure washing, cleaning and painting of all exterior and interior surfaces, equipment and plumbing, lubricating locks, and lighting element replacements.
  • Troubleshoots system emergencies and/or malfunctions, and performs mechanical repairs as needed.
  • Works with Senior Maintenance Technicians to resolve the more complex and/or complicated problems.


  • Regularly inspects wells, chlorination facilities, reservoirs, and booster stations.
  • Performs pump repair and routine maintenance of pressure regulating valves, maintains reservoirs, and flushes water mains.
  • Maintains and repairs hydrants.
  • Installs hydrants and new services.
  • Locates water utilities.
  • Performs flow and backflow prevention tests if certified and as assigned.
  • Performs distribution system chlorine residual monitoring.
  • Perform maintenance and set operational parameters on PRV valves.
  • Performs minor electrical repairs.
  • Performs overall building and facility maintenance including power washing, painting of all exterior and interior surfaces, painting of equipment/plumbing, roof cleaning, exterior and interior cleaning, lubricating locks, and lighting element replacements.
  • Responds to customer complaints relating to the water utility, diagnoses problems, and takes initiative to resolve routine and/or typical problems.
  • Operates mobile equipment such as backhoes, dump trucks, loaders, and other machinery including hole hogs, jackhammers, and welding equipment ,and other powered/non-powered equipment in the performance of duties.
  • Troubleshoots system emergencies and/or malfunctions and performs mechanical repairs as needed.
  • Works with Senior Maintenance Technicians to resolve the more complex and/or complicated problems.
  • Operates water production, storage, and chlorination facilities including but not limited to field testing of free chlorine residuals and operating and calibrating chlorine analyzers and injection pumps based on test result.
  • Tests Sodium Hypochlorite strength in storage tanks.
  • Fills in on an as-needed-basis for loading and delivering of Sodium Hypochlorite and Rock Salt to chlorination sites.
  • Restocks brine tanks with rock salt.
  • Coordinates, monitors, and controls water quality and system integrity to assure public health protection and regulatory compliance.
  • Cleans hazardous debris from treatment plant settling ponds.
  • Monitors distribution system pressures and well aquifer levels.
  • Tests well and booster pump performance.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Working conditions will vary depending upon assignment. Maintenance staff may be assigned to hazardous work areas such as the street surfaces, rights-of-way and medians; ditches, pits and underground vaults; confined spaces; around heavy equipment; and operating potentially dangerous tools. Typical assignments are out-of-doors normally requiring work in inclement weather at dirty, wet, noisy, or cramped work sites. The work involves strenuous physical labor, physical dexterity, and mechanical aptitude. Duties require exposure to chemicals, toxic gases, and/or raw sewage.


The typical qualified applicant will have two or more years experience in the water and/or wastewater maintenance field, including waterlines and flushing programs, equipment operation, and training, OR any combination of experience, education, and training that would provide the level of knowledge and ability required.

  • Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Must pass a background investigation and a pre-employment physical, including drug testing, to determine the ability to perform the essential functions of the position.
  • Commercial Driver License endorsement Class A, with air brake and tank endorsement, crane operator qualification, flagging certification, and first aid/CPR certification within 12 months of hire.
  • Water Distribution Specialist, Wastewater Collection Specialist, or Water Treatment Operator Certification when prerequisites have been met.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of:

  • Repair techniques and materials appropriate to division work assigned.
  • The physical layout and features of the City's streets, utilities systems, and other physical systems pertinent to the City's public works infrastructure.
  • Hydraulics and hydrology.
  • Various Federal, State, and City guidelines that are applicable to the work done in the assigned division.
  • Work hazards and demonstrated "safety consciousness" and intent to comply with pertinent safety regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Ability to:

  • Identify problems, make appropriate and quick decisions under emergency conditions, and exercise considerable initiative and judgment in making needed repairs and/or requesting assistance.
  • Proficiently operate all equipment associated to the division, including routine computer work such as data entry, word processing, and entry and retrieval of data in the City's work order system.
  • Perform sampling and record-keeping as required by the protocol and procedures of appropriate authority (i.e. City of Lacey, Department of Health, Department of Ecology).
  • Follow and apply the applicable regulations and guidelines for work performed in the assigned division.
  • Perform the necessary arithmetic calculations required of the position.
  • Set work priorities; direct, guide, and evaluate the work of subordinates.
  • Read and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Perform strenuous physical activity associated with the essential duties of the position.
  • Work in the field in all weather conditions and over rough terrain.
  • Work standby and overtime.

Personal Qualities:

  • Team-oriented and diplomatic.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Willingness to respond on a twenty-four hour basis to emergencies.
  • Warmly greets the public and clearly conveys a sincere willingness to be of service and/or be open to resolving the situation at hand. Clearly explains self or answers when necessary. Takes the time to ensure message is easily understood. Closes all contacts courteously and appropriately.
  • Has both good verbal and non-verbal behavior to show an open, accepting attitude.

Job Title: Journey Level Water/Wastewater Maintenance Technician

Closing Date/Time: Fri. 10/28/16 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $4,417.33 - $5,251.32 Monthly

Job Type: Full Time

FLSA: Non-exempt position, eligible for overtime compensation.

Department: Public Works Operations