NORTH CENTRAL GROUP Housekeeper Room Attendant in MADISON, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: As a Housekeeper Room Attendant, you would be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of guestrooms and public areas throughout the hotel, providing our guests with clean and comfortable accommodations, all while delivering outstanding service. Guestroom tasks include * Making beds with clean linens * Replenishing room supplies (drinking glasses, towels, soaps, etc.) * Vacuuming and dusting the rooms * Cleaning the guest bathroom * Maintaining a neat and stocked supply cart and storage rooms Public area tasks include * Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping, restocking, straightening and emptying trash in the hotel lobby * Same tasks in the breakfast, pool, fitness center, stairways, hallways, elevators and outside patio areas Laundry tasks include * Providing fresh clean linens for the hotel guestrooms * Operating commercial laundry and cleaning equipment * Sorting, loading, washing, drying and folding linen * Properly handling, labeling and storing cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies An Equal Opportunity Employer ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: * Hospitality and guest focus * Strong attention to detail * Reliability and honesty * Planning and organizing * Teamwork ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: