JACKSON PLACE Leasing Representative in PHARR, Texas

Position Summary: The role/occupant is responsible for leasing units to qualified prospects in order to increase occupancy and help the property earn money. GENERATE TRAFFIC FOR PROPERTY 1. Work with local employers to generate traffic. 2. Contact and work with locators. 3. Contact current residents for referrals and info m them of special bon uses available for referrals. 4. Complete market surveys. 5. Shop other properties to survey competition a d to learn new closing techniques. GREET, QUALIFY AND CLOSE PROSPECTS 1. Take phone calls from prospects and make appointments. 2. Greet prospects and complete a guest card for each. 3. Qualify prospect on type, size, price and amen ties available. 4. Refer prospect to another Capstone property i unable to help. 5. Obtain picture l.D. before showing prospect a nit or model. 6. Sell the prospect on the merits of the property. 7. Use closing techniques to get the lease. 8. Follow up with phone calls. VERIFY APPLICATIONS AND PROC SS PAPERWORK FOR NEW LEASES 1. Call Credit Company to obtain current credit report. 2. Call past landlords for references. 3. Call employers to verify employment and ability y to pay rent. 4. Notify prospect of acceptance or denial of application. 5. Complete all paperwork and prepare lease packet for move-ins. 6. Insure the timely move in of new residents. KEEP CURRENT RESIDENTS SATISF ED 1. Take calls for maintenance requests from residents. 2. Call back residents to check on maintenance performed. 3. Perform after hours "on call" duties as required. 4. Help plan and direct social activities. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES The following skills, knowledge and personal characteristics are desirable for job success: Literate Experience in leasing, sales, or customer service Experience in on-site management operations helpful. A general knowledge of apartment management. Good physical appearance, neat and professional Good communication skills Self-confidence Outgoing Assertiveness and Perseverance Ability to relate to people