Thermo Fisher Scientific Senior Pricing Analyst in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Job Title: Sr. Pricing Analyst

Reports To: Pricing Support Manager

Group/Division: CCG

Location: Pittsburgh

Position Summary:Supports department and senior analysts with analysis, special projects and quality control. Department expert for customer transportation, order charges and related settings. Uses Microsoft Access, data warehouse and Easytrieve to facilitate data upload, assure quality, troubleshoot pricing issues and to complete customized price books.

Perform customer maintenance for transportation and miscellaneous order charges.

  • Coordinate and/or verify data in ACCT; enter changes in approval tracking database.

  • Create custom freight tables as needed; suggest existing alternative as appropriate.

  • Educate salespeople regarding complex functionality of the transportation settings.

Analysis, special projects, and quality control

  • Troubleshoot pricing problems by running and analyzing invoice history and other oracle queries.

  • Process customized price books as needed; using Easytrieve and Access

  • Run, verify and track rebate recoveries; facilitate carrier route uploads for SSP implementations.

  • Coordinate all MAW maintenance, including yearend notifications

General Support for Pricing Administration

  • Carry out mass updates/upload for pricing requiring alteration as needed to meet business directives. This may include extraction of data from the mainframe and other sources, analysis, review and manipulation then reloading of the pricing data into the mainframe.

  • Perform analyses to support Pricing Administration; coaches dept personnel with EZT, Microsoft Application, and Oracle; creates automated Access routines for converting mainframe files to spreadsheet and spreadsheet to mainframe files.

  • Order department office supplies and maintain department printer.

  • Handle PC security arrangements for department

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:(Insert paragraph outlining requirements, including degree/education, years of experience, minimum qualifications, industry- or instrument-specific experience, skills required and any physical demands such as lifting requirements or exposure to chemicals. Travel requirements should also be included.)

  • Two to four years higher education

  • Through understanding of all components and variables with Thermo Fisher s pricing system.

  • Through understanding of related invoice history, customer and product data.

  • Through knowledge and experience with the following software:

  • Microsoft Access 60% of workload

  • Mainframe TSO 15%

  • Cognos 14%

  • PC, Networks, Microsoft Applications 11%

Non-Negotiable Hiring Criteria:(List 3-5 key attributes, skills, or requirements that the candidate must have to be considered for this position)

  • Two years experience in pricing or other business analytical area.

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Intermediate to advanced PC skills (spreadsheet, PC database and data warehouse query skills)

  • Proficient verbal and written communication skills

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented

  • Good interpersonal skills