Murray Guard Security Officer - Unarmed in Portageville, Missouri

Description/Job Summary

  1. Be mentally alert at all times.

  2. Must have good reading and comprehension skills (high school level)

  3. Must have a valid driver s license or state issued ID

  4. Must have good writing skill (high school level)

  5. Must have good communication skills, oral and written

  6. Must have good public relations skills

  7. Must be able to stand for long periods of time

  8. Must be able to make foot patrols on an hourly basis

  9. Must have and maintain a good police record

  10. Must be able to work alone or with minimal supervision

  11. Must be able to perform multiple tasks when required

  12. Must have reliable transportation

  13. Pay will vary according to which account you are assigned

  14. Must be able to perform job duties/responsibilities per post orders

  15. All employees are on a 90 day probationary period

A security officer will be trained to perform all duties/responsibilities for the post they are assigned. You must be capable of reporting for duty on time. You must be in a clean uniform at all times while on duty.