MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC. Assembler Summer Positions (multiple in SOUTH JORDAN, Utah

Performs any of a variety of medical assembly and processing tasks as a production team member. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS PERFORMED * Assembles medical products on an assembly operation, performing a variety of tasks on a rotating basis. Tasks may include assembling syringe barrels, putting tubing in barrels, preparing tubing, coiling, assembling back plates, assembling housings, operating the blister machine, operating the sprint tester, labeling and packaging products, and other product assembly tasks. * Ability to rotate through the assembly line and perform all but Production Operator III technical tasks. * Checks products passing work stations on the assembly line to confirm that they are properly assembled and removes defective products from the line according to quality criteria. * Operates computerized test equipment to determine whether electronic equipment is working properly. * Performs other related tasks, as required. SUMMARY OF MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * Demonstrates competencies and ability to rotate in specific assembly line. * Ability to meet line rate expectations. * Ability to perform a variety of assembly tasks requiring dexterity and fine motor skills. * Ability to visually check work performed and identify whether a product has been assembled correctly. * Ability to follow instructions in performing repetitive tasks. * Dependability in coming to work on time and meet company attendance guidelines. * Attentiveness in performing tasks. * Pride in performing repetitive tasks well. * Ability to work as a member of a team in assembling sterile medical products. COMPANY HISTORY Merit Medical Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ, MMSI) was founded in 1987 by Fred P. Lampropoulos. Merit develops, manufactures and markets single-use medical devices primarily for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular and vascular disease. Merit has been successful in introducing and marketing innovative, high-quality products through its expertise in new product design and its capabilities in injection and insert molding of plastics; the application of its proprietary electronic and sensor-based technologies; and wire, extrusion and catheter technologies. The Company is utilizing its competitive advantages and technologies to develop and offer products that address a wide range of needs related to cardiology and radiology procedures performed in hospitals. Sales are made primarily to U.S. hospitals through a direct sales force. The Company markets its products in over 60 countries worldwide, utilizing a direct sales force in Europe, and distributors for the remainder of the world. MERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC. 1600 West Merit Parkway (9800 South & Redwood Road) SOUTH JORDAN, UT 84095 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER M-F-D-V. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities-Women-Protected Veterans-Disabled