Hackensack University Medical Center Director, Consumer Services in United States

Job Summary and Responsibilities:

*PLEASE NOTE this position is part of Hackensack/Meridian Health and will be located in Edison NJ*

Directs Consumer Services including the Advocacy Program, an Experience Call Center, complaint management, service recovery and a centralized consumer communication function.

Generic Leadership Responsibilities:

  1. Provides strategic leadership to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies; for the Office of Experience with specific focus on vision and strategic deployment.

  2. Interprets, communicates, and ensures the implementation of the Experience Division’s mission, vision, and values.

  3. Participates in the development of and compliance with administrative policies and procedures that govern operations.

  4. Role models and encourages professional and leadership development.

  5. Ensures programs are in compliance with federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations.

  6. Supervises the activities and team members of the ­specified areas of responsibility.

  7. Coordinates and directs the development and implementation of annual operating and capital budgets related to the areas of responsibility.

  8. Recruits, hires, and supervises competent leadership and team members.

  9. Acts as a role model for all standards of behavior and leadership competencies.

  10. Assumes other duties, projects, and committees as assigned.

Job Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborates with all departments to ensure care is consistently person-centered by partnering with caregivers to exceed the expectations of the individuals, their family and significant others.

  2. Collaborates with Human Resources on all matters related to team member performance.

  3. Addresses all aspects of the human experience including clinical care, physical environment, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual, their family and significant others through team member interactions and communication.

  4. Enhances and strengthens the relationship between HMH and its customers (both internal and external) across the network.

  5. Works to build an environment that promotes both a superior experience for individuals, their family and significant others as well as a satisfying and energizing working environment for team members.

  6. Breaks down customary silos within the network to promote cross-functional improvements that enhance the human experience.

  7. Anticipates the needs of, and ensures services are in place to address special needs and rights of individuals, their family and significant others.

  8. Oversees the network patient and consumer advocacy functions related to patient rights and responsibilities, compliance with Advance Directives and Bioethics responding to and resolving questions, concerns and/or events through transparency.

  9. Oversees centralized communication management system (compliments and complaints) investigating and responding to negative feedback and taking corrective action to prevent future similar occurrences, implementing service recovery protocols and trending information to influence network-wide improvement and appreciation activities to enhance person-centered care and the human experience.

  10. Manages the team members of Consumer Services across the network.

  11. Establishes operating procedures, standards of performance, expectations, goals and objectives for the Consumer Services team across the network.

  12. Directs network-wide grievance management and patient advocacy policies and procedures.

  13. Establish the Experience Call Center (ECC) by creating Customer Service Guidelines, policies and procedures.

  14. Implements all logistics such as case tracking, telephone, email, third party vendor assistance, metrics reporting, etc. that will support the ECC’s core mission.

  15. Recruits and hires appropriate staff and ensures their knowledge and compliance with ECC protocol.

  16. Plans for future development and growth of the ECC to best serve the network and meet needs of individual callers.

  17. Manages the day to day operations of the ECC. Primarily manages the relationship with ECC ensuring timely and successful rollout of support.

  18. Focuses on the improvement of systems in order to reach maximum levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  19. Manages staffs’ processing of confidential documentation.

  20. Resolves escalated issues concerning ECC interactions.

  21. Guides team members in responding to questions.

  22. Monitors performance expectations, goals and objectives intervening when required.

  23. Ensures collaboration with Performance Improvement and Risk Management on clinical case review and service recovery management as well as audit trends that reveal performance improvement opportunities and facilitate review and appropriate action.

  24. Ensures appropriate and timely response to New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

  25. Implements a network approach for tracking, reporting and assessing improvements related to the human experience.

  26. Understands and educates leaders, physicians and team members about national and regional benchmarks.

  27. Develops and implements comprehensive complaint management and service recovery approach across the network.

  28. Identifies service gaps by accurately assessing current experience and develops endeavors to close those service gaps.

  29. Promotes amenity offerings, continually assessing programs for potential improvements; considers and incorporates the needs of culturally diverse populations; ensures effective communication with individuals regarding amenity offerings and services provided.

  30. Oversees the assessment of satisfaction and engages the network in continually improving the human experience.

  31. Manages vendor relationships and contracts related to areas of responsibility.



  1. Bachelors required;

  2. 5+ years’ leadership experience;

  3. Masters preferred (Healthcare Administration, Business Administration or a closely related field)


  1. Demonstrated commitment to education and performance improvement.

  2. Demonstrated experience in effectively managing change with a commitment to quality and service improvement.

  3. Demonstrated ability to communicate with all levels of the enterprise.

  4. Ability to think strategically with strong analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  5. Capacity to foster an engaged work force through creating a positive, collaborative work environment.

  6. Aptitude to be a key advocate and change agent in the forefront of continuous health care improvement, to shape the future of the health care delivery and to influence the way human experience is both conceptualized and embedded in practice.

  7. Skills necessary to ensure the integration and alignment of human experience strategies with leaders across the enterprise.




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