Washington State L&I Elevator Inspector 1 (Tacoma and Kelso) in United States


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As an L&I; Elevator Inspector, you'll inspect all types of conveyances within the agency's policies and procedures for compliance with codes and standards adopted within the scope of ASME, WAC 296-96 and RCW 70.87; assure compliance by writing reports, issue code violation corrections with follow up inspections within the agency's rule and policies to abate corrections. Audit elevator companies maintenance control program records for compliance to ASME A17.1.8.6 and A17.1.8.11. Keyboard data into a database system. Continue learning and growing in knowledge of elevator codes while applying what you're learning as you inspect conveyances.

This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of ensuring the safety and well being of the citizens of Washington. You'll become part of our dynamic team while enjoying steady employment, paid holidays/vacation/sick leave and a competitive medical/dental /retirement package.* *

Your initial success will be measured by:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of Field Employee Safety Handbook and L&I;'s Operations Manual.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of elevator codes and how to apply codes to all types of conveyances.
  • Developed study and research habits for code, law, rule and policy.* *

Some of what you'll do

  • Perform inspections of all types of conveyances, ensuring conformance with the laws and rules pertaining to WAC 296-96, RCW 70.87, and national codes and standards adopted under state laws, and per the operation manual and guidelines. Types of inspections performed include annual, alteration, accident, new installs, temporary, supplemental and technical to ensure code compliance and ensure equipment is maintained and installed correctly.
  • Work independently and with other inspectors.
  • Write reports for abatement of corrections.
  • Check mechanics for competency certification and issue reports for infractions.
  • Interpret plans & schematics with a thorough knowledge of all current state and national codes and standards.
  • Investigate and prepare written, oral or typed reports on incidents and accidents reported to the department.
  • Manipulate car top controls, stoop, bends, reach, clutch and lift when needed.
  • Bring your code book(s) into each inspection site and use it step by step.

Who should apply

Elevator inspectors from a state or city jurisdiction OR elevator journey level mechanics with 4 years' experience.

What we're looking for

  • Experience working with computers for business and or personal use, and various types of software programs and databases i.e. WORD, Excel and the ability to conduct internet searches.
  • Possess the ability to type effectively.
  • Provide outstanding customer centered service with safety in mind.
  • Maintain composure when presented with pressure, stress and criticism.
  • Comply with all safety regulations and understand the importance.
  • Possess a current and valid driver's license, liability insurance and the ability to drive a state owned vehicle.
  • Eligible to obtain security badge access to Boeing and other facilities.
  • Must be capable of wearing a full-face respirator in areas where required.
  • Work independently and make accurate decisions based upon code requirements in a fast-paced environment.
  • Maintain knowledge of state and adopted national elevator codes used in the industry to install and inspect elevators.
  • Maintain knowledge of all types of elevators, conveyances and equipment, installed in Washington.
  • Ability to bend, climb ladders, stairs, crawl, reach, lift and work in high places including on top of elevator cars.
  • Write inspection reports and issue civil penalties.

*NOTE: Please include a resume and letter of interest/cover letter with your application. *

Supplemental Information

This job announcement may be used to fill multiple vacancies. Application review starts immediately and the hiring authority reserves the right to offer the job at any time. It's to your advantage to apply quickly.

Employees driving on state business must have a valid driver's license. Employees driving a privately owned vehicle on state business must have liability insurance on the privately owned vehicle.

Prior to any new hire into L&I;, a background check, including criminal record history, will be conducted.

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Jobs advertised as Open Continuous will be closed without notice. Apply quickly!

We're looking for evidence that you have what we're looking for. Your application materials will be used for deciding who'll be selected for interview.

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Contact us at: Jobs@Lni.wa.gov

Persons with a disability, who need assistance in the application process, or those needing this announcement in an alternative format, may call (360) 902-5700. Applicants that are deaf or hard of hearing may call through the Washington Relay Service at 7-1-1.

The State of Washington is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type: Full Time - Permanent

Job Number: 2015-04884

Department: Dept. of Labor & Industries

Closing: Continuous

Agency: State of Washington

Address: View Job Posting for Agency Information View Job Posting for Location, Washington, 98504.

Website: http://www.careers.wa.gov

Salary: $4,208.00 - $5,522.00 Monthly

Location: Multiple Locations Statewide, WA