Exel Transportation Supervisor in United States

The Transportation Supervisor oversees the operations of the truck fleet to assure that high service levels are attained at minimum expense. He or she is also responsible for developing an accurate means of record keeping to effectively monitor shipments and drivers.


  • Maintain accurate files on vehicle use, condition, and maintenance.

  • Ensure tractors and trailers are effectively utilized by developing efficient delivery schedules.

  • Implement an inspection program to safeguard the equipment and a maintenance program to keep equipment in effective operating condition.

  • Recommend the appropriate specifications for new equipment.

  • Recommend programs to the Transportation Manager on improving the operation of the fleet.

Customer Service

  • Provide a level of delivery service that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Labor Management

  • Direct the operations of the clerical staff and drivers to achieve prescribed objectives.

  • Develop and maintain a productive work team by hiring, training, and professional development.

  • Match the skill and background of associates to the work required.

  • Apply sound communication and motivational techniques, supervise, counsel, and discipline subordinates.

  • Implement performance evaluation system for recommending promotions, wage increases, and terminations. Implement a driver safety program.


  • Process bills of lading, making sure that proper charges are billed in the appropriate manner.


  • Establish a trip reporting procedure and process the trip reports from all drivers and shipments.

  • Assure the timely creation and filing of Department of Transportation reports.