GENERAL PURPOSE Performs a variety of entry level skilled duties related to the construction, installation, maintenance and repair of city streets, alleys related roadways and storm drainage systems. SUPERVISION RECEIVED Works under general supervision of the Street Maintenance Supervisor, Street Maintenance Operator IV, III or II while in training or on a project-by-project basis. SUPERVISION EXERCISED None. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Streets : Operates specialized equipment such as trencher, compactor, compressor, tack machine, crack sealer, small dump trucks, and other similar equipment in the construction, maintenance and repair of various street department projects and sites. Operates light equipment such as sweepers, mowers, street vacuum, rollers, cement mixers, pick-ups, tractors, forklifts, spreaders, and various hand and power tools as needed; transports and deposits various construction materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, etc.; performs hot mix patching, storm drain cleaning, repair, resurfacing and construction, gravel street maintenance, street sweeping, cold mix patching, debris collection, etc. Checks assigned equipment; performs routine maintenance and emergency repairs; reports mechanical problems for shop repair; performs installation and maintenance of city signalization devices and street signs; prepares proper barricading for streetsand related public works projects. Performs general maintenance functions such as painting, raking asphalt, pouring and finishing cement and similar duties; maintains, cleans and repairs tools and equipment; performs a variety of ground maintenance and construction work requiring the use of hand and power tools, such as building forms, framing projects, etc. Storm Drainage: Maintains storm and sub-drain systems; performs maintenance work as needed such as cleaning storm, sub-drains and catch basins; monitors facilities during high flows. Performs other duties as required. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 1. Education and Experience: A. Graduation from high school; AND B. One (1) year of progressively responsible experience in a field directly related to above duties; OR C. An equivalent combination of education and experience. 2. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Some knowledge of machinery, materials, and methods of constructing roads, bridges, drainage systems, culverts, etc.; safety standards related to road construction; hazards common to heavy equipment operation; equipment maintenance and repair. Some skill in the operation of heavy mechanized equipment as required by the position, including: compactors, compressor, weed sprayer, tack machine, crack sealer and pumps. Ability to operate heavy equipment of various kinds under varying conditions; make minor repairs on assigned vehicles, perform heavy physical labor; develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers; communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; tolerate weather extremes in the work environment. 3. Special Qualifications: Must possess a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). May be required to become HAZMAT certified. Must obtain Flagman Traffic Control Certification. Must be willing to work on-call duty and 24 hou