Advanced Healthcare Management Dietary Staff in Booneville, Mississippi

Job Description

To perform the duties required to prepare and serve all diets and maintain accepted standards of practice for the preparation and service of these diets.

ACCOUNTABILITY:Dietary Manager, R.D. (Registered Dietitian) Consultant, Administrator


Maintain proper use and care of all equipment. Maintain safety, sanitation, and housekeeping procedure pertaining to the dietary department. Receive and check incoming supplies. Inventory food, supplies and equipment monthly, as requested by supervisor. Prepare and serve meals for special meetings and parties. Prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation in the elderly. Promote a safe, clean environment in which the residents may dine. Any other duties and responsibilities, as requested by the Administrator. Become a participating facility team member with the residents as first priority. Attend facility meetings, as required. COGNITIVE AND SENSORY REQUIREMENTS:

Talking: Communicating with residents, families, visitors and staff Hearing: Taking instructions from the Administrator To respond to resident complaints and requests Sight: For performing job effectively and correctly Smell: For accurate detection and maintenance of facility odors Tasting: For checking the food that is being prepared and served to the residents LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS:



Tasks and procedures performed by the employee involve risks classified by C.D.C. as Category III. (No contact with blood or other bodily fluids to which universal precautions apply, if regular duties are performed.)


Must be able to tolerate a high pace as typical for a nursing facility. Must be able to take and give instructions well and enjoy working with the elderly. Although employee is required to sit for prolonged periods of time, he/she must also be able to tolerate prolonged standing and walking.