Bad Brads BBQ Busser/Carryout in Utica, Michigan


Answering the phone, taking phone orders as well as walk in orders. Bagging all carryout orders.

Steps of service:

Talking on the Phone

Make sure you talk slow and clear enough for the guest to understand you.

Make sure you are asking all the right questions, and writing down everything as the guest orders.

Try not to talk over guests or interrupt them as they are talking. When writing down orders:

You must write everything down as the guest is talking to you (you cannot type into the computer as they are talking)

Be specific with what you are writing down and write legibly

Use small abbreviations, keep orders organized

Once finished writing down order draw a line to separate the order or get a new piece of paper Once they complete their order and you have written everything down you MUST REVIEW THEY ENTIRE ORDER WITH THEM. This is to make sure everything you wrote down is correct and there wasn’t a mistake on their end or yours.

Once the order is reviewed and everything is correct please follow these procedures:

Ask for their first name and last initial, Ask for their phone number with area code, Ask if they would like BBQ sauce with their order, Give the guest an exact pickup time, Make sure you repeat which location the guest has called This is how you should end every phone call: “Your order will be ready at 5:35 at the Orion Township location”

Estimating Wait Times for Pickup

Determining wait times for your guests to pick up their orders is one of the most important aspects of your job. This will be taught to you your first day, Wait time depends on the volume of the restaurant at that time and how busy the kitchen is at that time. This is something you will learn as you go and will get better/easier with time.


Must be pleasant and polite.

Must work well with others and have great communications skills.

Work well under pressure and ability to keep busy.


Partially paid benefits after the first 90 days of employment with a consistence 40 hour work week.

Wage: 5 dollars an hour plus carryout tips.