ICF Consulting Group, Inc. Policy and Governance Support Team Member in Virginia, Virginia


ICF is seeking multiple cyber professionals, withprior military, civil service and/or contractor experience within AFSPC, ACC, and 24 AF staff,to provide operations support forthe transition of the Air Force Major Command (MAJCOM) cyber portfolio roles and responsibilities from Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) to Air Combat Command (ACC). Duties include support for all traditional elements of A-Staff support within a MAJCOM. Initial team s work is at ACC headquarters, Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton, Virginia with probable team expansion to Colorado Springs, CO and San Antonio, TX.

What the team will accomplish :

  • Directly Support:

  • Operations, training, exercises, and conferences

  • Sensitive Activities Management Office (SAMO)

  • Base communications and cyberspace operations

  • Cyberspace squadron initiative development and execution

  • Cybersecurity Service Provider activities (CSSP)

  • MAJCOM Communication Coordination Center (MCCC)

  • ISR, and CS&R Standards/Evaluations

  • Weapons instructor billet management

  • Crisis Action Teams for real/exercise cyberspace events

  • Cross Domain Solutions

  • Resource management of Cyberspace capabilities and sustainment

  • Global Force Management Activities

  • Assist with the Development and Employment:

  • Weapon systems, programs, and capabilities

  • Range policy/sustainment and integration into Department of Defense training ranges

  • Academic training and oversight

  • ACC s Organize, Train, and Equip functions.

  • Development, coordination, and preparation of Cyberspace staff taskings, CONOPs, CONEMPs, Enabling concepts, Roadmaps, Contingency Plans, and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

  • Assist with formalizing, developing, coordinating, and maintaining non-kinetic targeting, and training requirements and frameworks.

  • Review and recommend updates to Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual

  • Review and recommend updates to Attack Sensing and Warning and Indications and Warning TTPs.

  • Process Operational Report (OPREP)-3/Commander's Critical Info Requirement (CCIRs) Reports.

  • Support and execute Commander Air Force Forces roles and responsibilities, and Cyberspace operations throughout the DoD.


What you need to be considered:

One year of experience/knowledge of a full range of USG cyberspace operations principles, directives, methodologies, and approaches used in developing, operating, managing, and maintaining services and capabilities that support functional requirements.

Desired qualifications - Direct or Related experience:

Additional qualifies for specific team positions:

  • One year experience in network security/network management, and/or experience supporting USG offensive/defensive combat operations

  • One year supervisory experience at flight level or above in DoD weapons and tactics organization, or minimum of three years experience project/program management experience

  • Active Top Secret government clearance

  • Willingness and Ability to work full time in the Hampton, VA area.

  • Demonstrating AF pathfinder s initiatives, including Mission Defense Teams, Cyber Squadron Next, AFIN CSSP, and Weapon System DCO.

  • Demonstrating one or more of the following: AF Weapons School graduate characteristics, Weapon and Tactics experience in an AOC or NAF level, and/or graduated Cyber and Intelligence Squadron DOs

  • Operational reporting specifically with the new cyber incident reporting criteria for AF Weapon Systems

  • Demonstrating CMF and CSSP integration into flag exercises

  • Conducting SORTS and DRRS reporting in addition to USCYBERCOM IOC and FOC CMF criteria

Location: Virginia-Virginia

Requisition ID: 1800000875