KBR LCIV OIR: Director of Flight Operations in Iraq

Title: LCIV OIR: Director of Flight Operations

Location: Iraq

Job Number: 1063726

KBR is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, veteran status, genetic information, union status and/or beliefs, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law


Director of Air Operations

This position exercises operational control, directs the execution of company policies and procedures, and ensures that all activities of the flight department, including flight operations, personnel, and equipment comply with company and FAA / ICAA standards. Experience managing flight operations including domestic and international flight operations. This position reports directly to the Task Order Manager and executes directions on a theater wide level from the Principal Program Manager and Deputy PPM for LOGCAP IV.


Establishes flight dispatch policies and procedures that govern the approval, delay or cancellation of flight operations responsibility along with the Pilot-in-Command for the initiation, continuation, diversion, and or termination of a flight in compliance with company , international agencies and local nation regulatory policies.

In coordination with the Project Controls and Estimating department develops an accurate Operating budget for Flight Operations and maintains costs within the budgetary requirements.

Responsible to carry-out all company policies and compliance with all FAA / ICAA laws, rules, and US and Host Nation regulations governing flight operations and activities.

Acts as the Company representative with industry relationships, customers and in activities related to flight operations.

Must be a rated Aviation Pilot, with both military and civilian experience.

Responsible to conduct periodic safety protocol assessment on-board flight ride-along in alignment with Quality Control Procedures (QCP) and risk assessments audits.

Responsible for new aircraft audits in-conjunction with Aviation Consultant.

Maintains current knowledge of aviation rules and regulations and adapt to Company flight operations as required.

Primary interface between aircraft provider and aircraft consultant.

Responsible to monitor threat assessments provided by Security Departments.

Responsible to conduct pre-flight synchronization calls and advise PPM, TOM, and DPPM on all aviation matters (military and civilian).

Works closely with subcontractor and company flight operations cell to insure effective utilization of aircraft, personnel and cargo movements

Responsible for the safe operation of all aircraft operated, or managed by our subcontractor.

Responsible for all airfield operations at remote locations in austere environments

Provides operational oversight of the Automated Personnel Aircraft Clearance System (APACS)

Supervises the distribution and posting of all information or memoranda relative to changes affecting company policies, route information, NAVAIDS, NOTAMS, etc.

Responsible for assuring that each flight is monitored with respect to at least the following:

Departure of the flight from the place of origin and arrival at the destination, including intermediate stops and any diversions.

Monitoring of maintenance and mechanical delays encountered at places of origination, termination and intermediate stops

Coordination with the FAA in all matters concerning the operation of aircraft and the performance of flight crew personnel

The coordination, planning and initiation of management procedures to ensure efficient flight operations and operations support

Notifies the FAA / ICAA in case of an accident

Prepares Serious Incident Reports, notifications to Senior Leaders

Coordinates with the subcontractors Director of Maintenance, the scheduling of aircraft for maintenance and the timely return to service of aircraft once maintenance is complete to achieve the company's flight operation goals and objectives.

Responsible for the flight department operating records in accordance with company policies.

Provides leadership and direction to flight operations department personnel to enhance personal performance and competence.

Ensures that department personnel are thoroughly familiar with and comply with all company policies, pertinent operating manuals, practices and procedures.

Maintain strict confidentiality of all company and personnel related matters.

Additional requirements:

Must be fluent in English

Must possess passport book (not passport card) with at least 15 months of remaining validity AND with at least 6 blank visa/stamp pages remaining

Must possess driver’s license with at least 6 months of remaining validity

Must have or be able to obtain a Secret Clearance

It should be understood that employment may be located in potentially dangerous areas, including combat or war zones. This might involve the possibility of suffering harm by dangerous forces or friendly fire. These dangers are inherent to working conditions in a dangerous environment.


Job: Aviation